Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other physicians to find sleep apnea solutions for their patients. As a doctor, you are well aware of the many complications and even the dangers associated with sleep apnea. If one of your patients has been struggling to achieve results using a CPAP machine, Dr. will be happy to assist in addressing the issue. At our office:

  • We offer a free initial consultation.
  • We provide online and at-home sleep evaluations for our patients.
  • We craft custom oral appliances designed to maintain a patient’s airway and with the comfort of the patient in mind.
  • Unlike appliances that are purchased over the counter, the appliances in our office have been approved by the FDA.
  • We will keep you informed about our diagnosis, treatment plan and your patient’s progress.
  • We know that the science of sleep medicine is not a static discipline, and regularly participate in continuing education.
  • We work with several dental and medical insurance providers, since in some cases, sleep apnea treatment may be covered under medical insurance plans.
  • We offer our patients alternative payment options, such as iCare, CareCredit and Lending Club.


If you would like to refer a patient to Lakeside Sleep Solutions, or if you are interested in meeting with Dr. for a consultation regarding a particular case or about treatment options in general, you can contact our office at 1-844-695-SLEEP (7533).