If Dr. Rashid Beirute-Prada suspects that you may suffer obstructive sleep apnea during your sleep consultation, he may suggest an at-home sleep test. At-home sleep tests are a convenient, simple way to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. At-home tests allow you to sleep in your own bed without any distracting doctors or equipment so you can get genuine, authentic test results.

During your at-home sleep test, you will wear a testing device while you sleep that tracks your sleep and breathing patterns. If this device determines that you have symptoms consistent with sleep apnea, a board-certified sleep physician will be notified. Once your sleep physician is notified, they will work to create a diagnosis and treatment plan for your sleep apnea. Once they have created this plan, they will notify you to discuss your diagnosis and options. At-home sleep tests are extremely accurate and minimally invasive. Our team and dentist are pleased to provide this convenient way to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. We will help you order this accurate test so you can feel at ease about your results. To learn more about the benefits of an at-home sleep test in Rowlett, Texas, call Lakeside Sleep Solutions at 1-844-695-SLEEP (7533) today!